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Top Ten Best Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Cases

With the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge, the demand for its cases also have been increased because people wants to secure their investment and keeps their Smartphone safe from scratching. In this scenario many accessories manufacturer companies have created their best products for Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge but it really becomes difficult to select the best one for your Smartphone. We have created a list that will highlight on the top ten best Cases for Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge available in the market making it very easier to choose the best case for your expensive Smartphone. This list is based on quality, compatibility, durability, price and beauty. Let’s have a look at the top ten best Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Cases.

1-Verus Heavy Drop Protection Case

1-Verus Thor active Heavy Drop Protection Case is ready to protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 because it has quality, compatibility and all that you want from the best case. This unique designed case gives your phone much protection as compared to others because its edges provide security against accidental slips & drops. On the other side its large corners absorb shocks in case of dropping or slipping from your hand. The people who love bulky cases then you have also the option to check out sleeker version of Verus Thor active brand. Most importantly this product is available in variety of colors and fabulous designed allowing you to select best according to your style and mood.

quality galaxy s6 case by verus

2-Caseology Wavelength Series Case

Next we are going to introduce Caseology Wavelength Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S6. This case is shockproof and provides an excellent grip allowing your cell phone more secure and safe. Having beautiful slim design, it works in professional setting and feels you the proud experience of Galaxy S6. If you are looking solid and slimy case for S6 then it is not a bad option at all. Besides that, it is available in five magnificent colors but if your choice is visual appeal and protection then this one is much suitable than others.

beautiful case for galaxy s6

3-Caseology Envoy Series Premium Case

Having an eye catching beautiful design and carbon fiber black is none other than Caseology Envoy Series Premium Case. Having basic protection, its raised front flip prevents Galaxy S6 from falling flat on its screen. Furthermore it is available in six fabulous different colors and importantly its material variations (leather bound backs & carbon fiber) allow you to pick up the nice & best one that you like. With the discounted price, Caseology Envoy Series Premium Case is available in the market right now.

envoy series case by caseology

4-Spigen Heavy Duty Tough Armor Case

Spigen is a well renowned brand in the world where quality always has been their trade mark. Spigen Heavy Duty Tough Armor Case protects your Galaxy S6 against drops due to its Cushion Technology. One important thing that Spigen did is its design because it is contemporary and slimy instead of bulky shape. This extremely protective product also keeps kickstand on the back that allows setting up Galaxy S6 on a flat surface for watching videos and movies. This best product for your Smartphone is available in the market in affordable price.

heavy duty case by spigen

5-Spigen Galaxy S6 Edge Premium Wallet Case

Spigen presents another amazing product for Galaxy S6 Edge that is actually a premium Wallet case with stand. This fabulous leather wallet case has some pockets where you can keep credit/business cards and money as well. This Wallet is made from premium leather and its polycarbonate edges protect your cell phone from scratching. Besides that, the wallet case can be bent around the back to prop up for watching videos and movies. Having quality features, Spigen Galaxy S6 Edge Premium Wallet Case is available in affordable price in the market.

galaxy s6 edge premium case by caseology

6-Obliq Invisible Drop Protection Transparent Case

If you are looking for clear & transparent case then Obliq Invisible Drop Protection Transparent Case is simply the best and is compatible for only Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This transparent case allows your S6 to show its beauty and glory without the fear of damaging and scratching. This polycarbonate clear transparent case covers the back and sides of S6 edge that allows full view of edges. Besides that its small raised bumps on four sides of the case helps to prevent your S6 Edge from damaging while falling on a flat surface. If you are looking for fancy and beautiful looking case in affordable price then I recommend you to buy this one.

galaxy s6 case by obliq

7-Ringke Fusion Dust & Drop Protector Case

 Just like Obliq Case mentioned above Ringke Fusion Dust & Drop Protector Case is also quality product for Galaxy S6. Having clear crystal and transparent case, one special feature of this case is its caps (for microphone) and charging slots that makes secure your Smartphone from dust and damage. It has also an ability to change back films for customization. So for an extra care and beauty, you can buy this product in just amazing best price as it has reduced from its original one.

best case for galaxy s6 by ringke

8-Speck Candyshell Grip Case

If you are looking for Military grade drop proofing Case for Galaxy S6 then you have selected the best option. Speck Candyshell Grip Case insures you quality and compatibility and after getting it you will not disappoint from its performance and durability. Due to its unique look your Smartphone would be saved in case of accidentally dropping or damaging. Having said all above if you want both lively and protective features in one package then you must try this.

fabulous case by speck candyshell

9-Verus Card Slot Case

At number nine there comes another quality product by Verus which is heavy duty case just like Spigen as listed above but the plus point of this case is having card slot where you can keep two credit/ID cards. This solidly built Case protects your Phone against accidental drops because its top & bottom edges are raised on the front. The people who are looking for relatively expensive case with quality features, Verus Card Slot Case is a perfect choice because it is professional looking and fabulous.

galaxy s6 card slot case by verus

10-Evocel Dual Layer Armor Protector Case

The last one in our top ten lists is Evocel Dual Layer Armor Protector Case which is compatible for only Samsung Galaxy S6. Among the major features one is its Dual Layer that provides protection to S6 against shock. Its slimy and sleek design is the best option for those who wants case without extra weight and bulk. This beautiful and eye catching case is available in six different colors in reduced price as compared to original one. After discussing all the quality features above, you have surely made your mind to get this product.

dual layer armor case by evocel

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