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Top Ten Best Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Car Mounts

As you know that your favorite mobile phone company Samsung has launched its new model Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge which is being appreciated by the customers across the world. This new version has many updated features that you ever want. At the same time there is need of quality accessories for your expensive Smartphone. Among the important accessories one is car mount which is most important for those people who drives a car and usually on the way by travelling. There are lots of companies who are manufacturing accessories for Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge but for this quality and expensive Cell phone there is need much more. Here we have created a list that will deeply highlight at the top ten car mounts for Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge available in the market. Let’s have a look.

1-TechMatte ProGrip Universal Dashboard & Windshield Car Mount

This Super car mount by TechMatte is very popular among the customers across the globe due to its compatible design & fabulous look.  The TechMatte ProGrip Universal Dashboard & Windshield   Car Mount holder cradle has a wide grip design that makes it superior to other brands. This grip design actually fits to 2.1-3.1 inches mobile phone. Its sticky gel at the base helps car mounts to stand firmly while its adjustable strong grip at the top gives you option to adjust a phone of your own choice. Having quality features this prettiest car mount is available in the market in affordable price.

best galaxy s6 & s6 car mount

2-Ikross Clip on Sun Visor Mount Holder Car Kit

One important thing about Ikross Clip on Sun Visor Mount Holder Car Kit is its multiple options of attaching it on different places within a car. The other Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge mounts are made to clip only with dashboard but this one is really special for those who want fabulous design and quality in one package. Due to its flexible grip, it can be used for other Smart phones as well. Having said all above, it is available in the market in best amazing price. So buy this product very comfortably because it is not going to disappoint you.

beautiful car mount for galaxy s6 & s6 edge

3-AccessoryBasics Basics-III Smartphone Claw Holder

At number three there comes AccessoryBasics Basics-III Smartphone Claw Holder which is simply the best due to its unique design and best quality. If you are looking such a fabulous mount that keeps quality & convenience then I recommend you to test out this one. It is very much sticky because it is built with super suction. That’s why it sticks firmly at any surface where your attach it.  Besides that, its 360 degree rotatable holder allows you to move it at any direction that fits your eye line. As far its price is concerned it is not expensive against its quality features.

car mount by accessorybasics basics-iii

4-Ibolt XProdock Bluetooth Music Charging Car Dock Mount

 This product is somehow expensive as compared to rest of the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge car mounts because it includes car holder and charger together in one convenient package.  This Ibolt XProdock Bluetooth Music Charging Car Dock Mount is only compatible for Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge that allows holding the phone pretty secure and provides various options of its adjustment as well. Due to these mentioned qualities, this product is very demanding in the market across the world. So get this package and save your money by having quality and compatibility.

Bluetooth music charging car dock by ibolt

5-High Grade Seat Bolt Car Mount

If you want quality and durability for your Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge then High Grade Seat Bolt Car Mount perfectly fits for this. It has a unique design due to its long adjustable neck that allows you to move your mobile at anywhere you want. Besides that, you can also switch the holder from portrait to landscape view and vice versa. This press release high grade seat bolt mount has a powerful grip that makes it more reliable and convenient.

best car mount for galaxy s6 & s6 edge

6-ChargerCity Versatile Car Mount

Another reliable product for Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge is ChargerCity Versatile Car Mount. This beautifully designed car mount is somehow different from others because this can be installed in the car’s cup holder instead to be attached to the dashboard. In this way you can get an easy access to your Smartphone in the car by having safe & secure hold over it. As far as its holder is concerned it is also much rotatable allowing you an option to choose the position for your mobile phone as you want.

versatile car mount by charger city

7-AccessoryBasics Basics-N Car CD Blade Mount

If you are looking for armless magnificent car mount then AccessoryBasics presents such a fabulous mount for your Galaxy S6 & S6 edge. In order to hold the phone a magnet cradle has been used by making it easily adjustable. The important thing about this product is its compatibility for S4, S5, and S6 & S6 Edge which has made this car mount a largest selling brand across the world. Besides that, AccessoryBasics Basics-N Car CD Blade Mount is available in the market with one year replacement warranty as well.

beautiful car mounts by accessorybasics

8-LK Car Holder/Car Mount

Having awesome and fabulous design, this product comes at number eight in our rating. This LK Car holder is compatible for Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge and one thing that makes it superior over others is its press release button that allows you to insert and remove the phone very easily and conveniently. Besides that, its sticky gel paid secures and help to hold your phone very tightly on any type of surface. So get this product because it’s not going to disappoint you in any case.

prettiest car mount for galaxy s6 & s6 edge

9-High Quality Flexible Air Vent Car Mount

Having compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge, this high Quality Flexible Air Vent Car Mount is the 9th best mount in our list. You can install this mount to any vehicle including car as well. The more important thing about this product is its strong clip board that holds your mobile phone tightly and safely. In the same time its freely adjustable holder allows you to adjust the phone according to your own convenience and position.

high quality galaxy s6 & s6 car mount

10-High Quality Car Dash Holder Windshield Cradle Mount

The most important thing about this product is its positive customer reviews that make it a well renowned brand across the world. This Car dash holder is pretty much compatible with Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge. Its unique design helps it to be easily attached to car dashboard while its holder is rotatable to 360 degrees. This rotation option allows you to rotate it horizontally and vertically with much ease and convenience. This quality product is available in the market in just affordable price and is waiting for your Smartphone.

car dash holder for galaxy s6 & s6 edge

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