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Top Ten Best Portable Power Banks in 2015 

If you are looking for best portable chargers or power banks then you are surely at the right place because here I will highlight at the top ten best Portable power banks available in the market right now. Buying without knowing basic features may not give you 100% results so for this purpose after a long research and customer reviews this list has been prepared that will help you to quickly choose the best one according to your convenience and style. Let’s have a look.

1-Poweradd Pilot X1 5200mAh Portable Charger

Poweradd presents a fabulous quality device that is best for charging variety of different cell phone devices that includes Smart phones, Cell Phones and tablet PCs etc. Having quality and compatibility, this product is available in the market in just best affordable price. This quality package consists of following items, 1-User Manual, 2-Micro USB Cable, 3-Pilot X1 External battery, 4-AC Adapter. The most important feature of this power bank is its fastest capability of charging devices. Besides that its LED Display makes it easy for you to know about the extent of its power supply.

best power bank charger

2-Power Bank 2600mAh Portable Backup Battery

Having built in flash light, Power Bank 2600mAh Portable Backup Battery comes at number two in our rating. This special production of Tronix is capable of charging all the Apple iPhones, iPad, LG Optimus F3Q and many other mobile devices. You can also charge your tablet PCs as well with this quality portable charger. Having compatibility and quality, it can charge any mobile device through its quality USB Cable. So get this Power bank without any tension because it will surely satisfy you through its performance.

2600mAh power bank

3-PowerBot PB6000 6000mAh Universal Power Bank

PowerBot offers you a compatible Universal power Bank that has 6000mAh power capacity. This fabulous black colored power charger contains built-in Flash Light and USB port as well. Through its USB port you can also charge other devices without any confusion. This beautifully designed charger is the product of PowerBot which is the world’s renowned brand. As far as its price is concerned, you can buy it in affordable price which is not high against its quality.

portable power bank by powerbot

4-KMASHI 10000mAh MP816 Dual USB Battery Pack

 If you are looking for fastest pace portable power bank then KMASHI 10000mAh MP816 Dual USB Battery Pack is simply the best. Due to its compatibility, it allows you options to use it for all type of mobile devices and Smart phones. The most important features that make it superior to others are its charging capacity of 5V/3.1A, intelligence IC for managing power and Smooth finish. Besides that this product is available in the market in reduced price so don’t miss this opportunity.

power bank by kmashi

5-Vinsic Tulip 3200mAh Power Bank

Having 5V/1A power capability & capacity, Vinsic Tulip 3200mAh Power Bank is best for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Cell phones, iPod, devices and Tablet PCs. This quality product from Vinsic is available in the market in various fabulous colors like red, green, black & silver and blue making it more demanding. So if you have your best color among this variety and want quality then I recommend you to check out this product because it will not disappoint you.

3200mah power bank

6-EasyACC 10000mAh Brilliant Ultra Slim Dual USB Charger

EasyAcc presents its quality portable Power Bank having all the basic features and compatibility in just affordable price. Among its quality features important are rechargeable capacity power of 10000mAh, Dual USB output and colorful eye-catching compact design. Besides that it can be used for various devices, cell phones and tablet PCs as well. So if you are looking for slimy and Dual USB power bank then EasyAcc 10000mAh Brilliant Ultra Slim Dual USB Charger can be checked out because it will not deceive you in performance.

quality product by easyacc

7-Breett 10000mAh Power Bank

This dual port USB charger, Breett 10000mAh Power Bank comes at number seven in the list of top ten best Portable power banks in 2015. Having 2.1A/1.0A portable external battery, it is compatible for iPhone, Samsung and others. Besides that 10000mAh power capacity, the battery has 4 LED for displaying its power backup. The price of this product is not much higher against its quality features, so get this product with full confidence.

10000mah power bank by breett

8-Anker 2nd Generation Astro E3 Power Bank

Anker presents quality Power Bank for fastest and powerful charging. The Anker 2nd Generation Astro E3 Power Bank with dual port 10000mAh ultra compact external battery is very suitable for charging mobiles phones and other portable devices. The major thing that makes it best is the use of PowerIQ technology. This multi use product is available in the market in just affordable price, so don’t go away to anywhere else, just check it out.

2nd generation charger by anker

9-AP 15600mAh Power Bank Charger

The 2nd last product in our list is AP 15600mAh Power Bank Charger having universal external powered backup portable battery. Due to its high power backup capacity it is best for various cell phones including HTC, Samsung, iPad, iPhone, Motorola, Sony Ericson, BlackBerry, Nokia, iPod, LG, MP4, MP3 and others. This beautifully designed power bank by AP is available in the market with reduced price, so get this one and save your time & investment.

15600mah power bank charger by ap

10-Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger

Having 13000mAh power capacity, Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger comes at number ten in our countdown. This portable charger is basically compatible for Samsung but is equally suitable to charge other cell phone devices that includes HTC one, iPad Air, HTC Sensation one XS EVO 3D, 4G, Nokia Lumia 1020 & 920, Moto X, G, LG and Nexus 5, 5, 7, 10 etc. Zilu offers this product in amazing price that is not much high against its quality and compatibility.

quality portable charger

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