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Top Ten Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases and Covers

It is the fact that bigger Smart phones have pretty much chance to fell from your hands because they are more prone as compared to smaller cell phones. Having 5.5 inch display screen, iPhone 6 Plus is also one of the biggest Smart phone available in the market. So if you are planning to buy iPhone 6 Plus or already keeps and are searching for skinny cases and covers for it then from this article you will get all the information about the best cases and covers for iPhone 6 Plus available in the market right now. Let’s have a look at the list of top ten best iPhone Cases and Covers for iPhone 6 Plus.

1-PureGear DualTek Case

If you want to eradicate or end up the fear of dropping your Smartphone then you need actually rugged case and if the rugged case Keeps Style and durability then surely this would be your best choice to buy it. Due to its special precise cut outs for port and camera, PureGear DualTek Case is an outstanding product for your cell phone. Having an addition grip on both of the sides, it also has covers for the buttons as well. So you can check out this beautiful case with full confidence because it will not disappoint you in performance, style and durability.

fabulous case by dualtek for iphone 6 plus

2-TECH21 Classic Shell with Cover Case

Tech21 presents a quality product for your beloved iPhone 6 Plus having impact resistant material and 3DO. Despite of having all around necessary protection, you can open it in portfolio style by flipping it. Besides that, its pliable and stylish shell is very easy to install and remove by making it all fit for iPhone 6 Plus. The back of the cover is partially transparent that looks so nice and stylish. This slightly expensive case is available in the market that would be a smart choice to buy this one.

prettiest case for iphone 6 plus

3-Speck CandyShell Inked Case

Having three magnificent colors, Speck CandyShell Inked Case not only protects your Smartphone from scratching and damaging but also gives a unique touch of beauty and glamour as well. This case actually features three patterns, Supernova pattern, floral pattern and raindrop pattern. These all prints are available on the CandyShell’s case while precise cut outs for camera and ports are also available. If you love colors then pick it up because it is full of colors and style.

beautiful case by speck candyshell for iphone 6 plus

4-ROKFORM Aluminum Case

ROKFORM presents stunning design and an impressive quality in the form of Aluminum Case for iPhone 6 Plus. It’s flexible and Pliable inner shell not only easy to fit but is also capable of absorbing shocks as well. The outer layer of this case is made up of aircraft grade aluminum that looks like bullet proof. Besides that, it has all the basic protection like scratch resistance, water resistance and shock resistance. Although its price is relatively higher as compared to other cases and covers but you will surely recognize its performance after using it.

aluminum case by rokform for iphone 6 plus

5-SNUGG iPhone 6 Plus Leather Flip Case

SNUGG iPhone 6 Plus Leather Flip case comes at number five in our rating. This beautifully designed case provides your quality and style in affordable price. You can get maximum protection for your expensive iPhone 6 Plus because it is really a resilient product. The unique feature of this product is its soft nubuck fiber present in its interior that prevents your cell phone’s screen from scratching. Besides that, the white cotton stitch finish present along the edges provides an extra safety and caring to your cell phone.

iphone 6 plus case by snugg

6-Pong Rugged Case for iPhone 6 Plus

At number six there comes rugged case for your stylish iPhone 6 Plus by Pong. Why this case is important and superior to others? Yes of course, it is a best because it has been drop tested because it saves your cell phone even dropping at the height of 4 to 6 feet. One of the highlighting features that this case has is its wireless radiations. Actually inside the case a tiny gold antenna is present whose function is to redirect mobile device radiations away from your body and head. By doing this, your mobile signals not affected at all.

iphone 6 plus case by pong

7-Spigen Tough Armor Case

The important feature of this case is its durability because as being chunky it provides an extreme protection to your Smartphone importantly from dropping. The reason of its chunky structure is the use of Polycarbonate that makes its durable and strong. Among its main features, one is its reinforced corners having air cushions that prevent impacts from your cell phone. Despite of having all the basic and quality features, its kickstand makes it more special than others because with this stand you can prop up your Smartphone in landscape mode.

quality case for iphone 6 plus by spigen

8-INCIPIO Stowaway Advance Case

An outstanding feature of this Advance Case is outer unbreakable shell that is made up of polycarbonate and is blended with inner (shock absorbent). The INCIPIO Stowaway Advance Case also offers USP which is actually the rear fold out panel. Besides that, its kickstand also provides hand free options where you can prop up your iPhone 6 Plus as well. Through this fabulous case you can get an easy access to all the features of your cell phone.

best iphone 6 plus cases and covers

9-Trentium 6L Case for iPhone 6 Plus

The 2nd last name in our list is of Trentium 6L Case for iPhone 6 Plus. This two piece case is consists of TPU skin and the back is made up of polycarbonate hard panel having three attractive colors that includes gold, silver and black. This special case has been designed in order to provide quality and style having rugged protection to your Smartphone. Besides that, its frame helps to protect the screen from scratching and damaging. The precise cut outs not only gives you access to use camera but these are also for Apple Logo as well.

quality iphone 6 plus case

10- Sheer Glam Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Having durability and compatibility, Case Mate Sheer Glam Case is the 10th best product for your Smartphone in our list. It has not only glamorous look but also keeps stunning and eye catching depth of colors making it demanding. Among its quality features some are as follows, 1-Dual Layer Design having protective bumpers, 2-Ultra Slim and skinny, 3-Transparent glittered coated inlay, 4-Metal buttons with color coordination. So having all the features that you want to protect your iPhone 6 Plus, I recommend this one without any questions.

fabulous iphone 6 plus case by sheer glam

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