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Top Ten Best iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protectors

When we talk about the top Smart phones then iPhone surely comes among the top Smart Phones in the world because it is more than just a phone. In this scenario if you have your beloved iPhone and are looking for quality screen protector in order to make it more secure from scratching then you are at the right place. Among the accessories, screen protector is the basic and important item not just for iPhone but all other smart phones. For this purpose we have collected top ten best screen protectors for your iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. After reading this article you will be able to select the better one according to your own choice. Let’s have a look at the list of top ten best iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus screen protectors in 2015.

1-Beluga iPhone 6 Premium Screen Protector

The quality 6 premium screen protector by Beluga comes at 1st place in our rating. This tempered glass protector is compatible for only iPhone 6 that gives you long time protection against scratching and fingerprinting. The important thing about this product is the specialization of Beluga to produce 4.7 inch iPhone screen protectors, that’s why this brand is considered simply the best across the world. The people who have used this screen protector keep positive reviews about this quality product. Among many top features, one important one is its capacity to maintain the clarity for the long period of time.

iphone 6 screen protector by beluga

2-Spigen iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector

 Spigen presents a fabulous quality screen protector for your beautiful and expensive iPhone 6 Plus. This protector is somehow expensive as compared to rest of protectors but when you will find a protector for the back of your cell phone as well with front protector then you will definitely forget the price. Yes of course this package includes two protectors, i.e. front & back which means more quality and compatibility in affordable price. After buying this product there is no need to buy a case for iPhone 6 because it is enough to protect your phone from fingerprinting and scratching.

best screen protector by spigen for iphone 6

3-E LV Anti Shatter Tempered Glass Screen Protector

 E LV Anti Shatter Tempered Glass Screen Protector is rated 3rd in our list because it has quality, compatibility and importantly convenience. If you are looking for quality protector for iPhone 6 with affordable price then I recommend you to get this one. Why this protector is best as compared to the others? Easy and quick installation, scratch resistance, touch comfort, tempered glass and clarity are its quality features that makes it best. Having positive customer reviews, this screen protector is available in the market in affordable reduced price.

iphone 6 glass tempered screen protector

4-Ballistic Glass Tech Armor Screen Protector

The Ballistic Glass Tech Armor Screen Protector is an outstanding product that secures your Smartphone from scratching and also reduces the impact on your cell phone in case of accidental dropping. This quality product is only compatible for iPhone 6 Plus having maximum protection for your cell phone. Besides that it is bubble free and provides you comfortable experience of touching without fingerprinting and scratching.

quality screen protector for iphone 6 and 6 plus

5-AmFILM Premium HD Screen Protector

AmFilm presents a fabulous quality screen protector for your expensive iPhone 6 in just affordable price. You can guess its popularity with the figure that more than 3500 customers have been rated it as the top and quality protector for iPhone 6. This figure clearly shows that how much customers are satisfied with this product. So if you are searching for a tempered glass HD clarity screen protector then I recommend you to buy this one because it will not disappoint you in any case (Quality & performance).

premium hd iphone screen protector by amfilm

6-Joto iPhone Screen Protector

At number six there comes another top protector by Joto. Having compatible with iPhone 6 Plus, Joto is one of the trusted and reliable brands in across the world which mainly focuses on quality. How it is scratch resistant and anti-fingerprint? This is actually an important question which should be asked when you are searching screen protector for your iPhone series. This one is actually made HD transparency hard surface and built at about 0.033mm. Besides that you can install it in just seconds due to its shape and of course quality.

quality screen protector by joto for iphone series

7-AERB iPhone Premium 6 4.7 Premium Plastic Nano

AERB is one of the best renowned brands in the world due to its reliability, compatibility and quality. This AERB iPhone Premium 6 4.7 Plastic Nano screen protector is another example of its quality. This one is compatible for iPhone 6 and is available in the market in cheaper price. It has also similar basic features as the other protectors contains but one thing that separate it from the others is its 4.7 inch protector that fits to iPhone 6. This special protector can be used for iPhone 6 Plus as well. So don’t go away to anywhere else, just pick it up for your beloved iPhone.

ballistic nano screen protector for iphone 6

8-HD Clear Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

If we talk about the iPhone 6 plus screen protector brands then more than 100 brands have been found in the market but when we talk about reliability and quality then only one brand is ranked 1st for iPhone and that is HD Clear Ballistic Glass Screen Protector. Over 2000 customers have shared their experience of using this protector and they all have positive reviews about this product. Having basic quality features like anti scratching and anti-fingerprinting, it is available in the market with life time warranty as well.

best screen protector for iphone series

9-Hapurs Eye iPhone 6 Screen Protector

This premium tempered glass screen protector comes at number nine in our rating. Among its quality features important are scratch resistance, hardness and clarity. Besides that, this fabulous and reliable protector is made with a special layer that has the ability to reduce the blue light and emitted from the phone screen. This prevention of blue light means security against eye problems that includes eye fatigue and eye strain. So I recommend this protector for your iPhone 6 without any questions because it is best for eye health as well as your beloved iPhone.

fabulous iphone screen protector

10-AERB iPhone 6 Plus Premium Ballistic Nano

AERB offers another reliable screen protector for iPhone 6 Plus that actually fits 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus screen. One thing that makes it superior over other protectors is its manufacturing because it is made up of Nano chemical materials. That’s why it is very sensitive and very comfortable when you use the touch of iPhone. Having said all above, it is also bubble free and very easy to install and remove. So for quick installing, bubble free & anti scratching features, I recommend you to check out this one.

premium iphone 6 screen protector by aerb

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