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Top Ten Best iPad Cases & Covers in 2015

If we talk about the 6th generation Apple’s iPad then this one is really slimy and skinny having fabulous look and design. It is as skinny as iPad Air 2 because the reason is its thickness which s just 6.1 mm. This fabulous iPad has made stunned everyone due to its capabilities and slim design. The amazing thing about this iPad is that it is not only skinny but also durable as well. In this scenario the need of its quality cases and covers increases in order to protect it from starching, fingerprinting and damaging. There are lots of beautiful and quality cases are available in the market but you need such cases and cover that actually fit according to your own preference and mode. After reading the entire article you will be able to select very quickly the better one according to your own style and convenience. Let’s have a look at the list of top ten best iPad Cases and Covers in 2015.

1-MOKO Ultra Slim Lightweight Stand Cover Case

If you are searching for quality, style and durability for your iPad Cases and covers then MOKO Presents Ultra Slim Lightweight Stand Cover Case that will surely prove best for this purpose. Due to its fabulous look and design you can install and remove it very easily. Besides that, its special case’s lid put your iPad to sleep automatically when closed and similarly by opening the lid, the iPad will wake. Its ultra slim back cover keeps your iPad more protected and secured. Furthermore for typing and viewing videos, you can prop it up according to your own preference and convenience as well.

ipad case and covers

2-KHOMO iPad Mini/Mini Retina/Mini 3 Case

This Stylish and affordable iPad Case comes at number two in our list. This Case is compatible not only for iPad but also pretty much suitable for Mini retina and Mini 3. The important feature that makes it superior to others is its Polycarbonate front cover having hard polycarbonate back rubberized protector. Besides that, it protects your iPad from scratches, small impact, oil, dusts and fingerprints as well. This slim and skinny iPad case can be used as a stand as well in both the cases whether vertically or horizontally.

expensive ipad case

3-High Quality PEPKOO Spider Case

Having protective features like waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof, PEPKOO Spider presents a quality product for your expensive iPad. This quality case is compatible for iPad 2, 3 and 4 that has the ability to protect your iPad even from dropping at a height of 1.8 meters. Despite of its high quality features and outstanding cool design, this case has also a screen protector that is fingerprint-proof and is very comfortable for touch as well. This quality case is available in the market in affordable price.

ipad waterproof case by pepkoo spider

4-SNUGG iPad Air 2 Case

SNUGG presents a quality black colored leather Air 2 case for iPad in an amazing price. If you want style and quality then I recommend this product without any questions. Having quality leather, this fabulous case is tear-resistant, strong and compatible. Besides having quality and compatibility, the lining of this case has been made with remarkable soft leather making it more secure and safe from impacts. The important feature of this case is to become the stand when folded it around the back of the iPad.

air 2 ipad case by snugg

5-I-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Protective Case

At number five there comes I-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Protective Case for beautiful iPad. This one is simply the best especially for those who don’t like bulky and heavy cases. Having compatibility and quality, this case is also very stunning in its shape and beauty. Having made up with hazard free material that includes polycarbonate and silicon, this dual layer protective case provides cushioning from impacts. Despite of quality features, I-Blason dual layer protective case also enhances grip and you can easily convert it into a stand as well.

dual layer armorbox ipad case

6-SUPCASE iPad Mini Retina Case

Having dual layer, SUPCASE iPad Mini Retina Case is a combination of polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU. In the presence of these features, your iPad remains pretty much secure from accidental bumps, shocks and dropping. It’s built in screen protector present on front cover prevents your expensive iPad from scratching. In this case the sensitivity of touch screen may not challenge at all. Besides that its unique front cover snap on design makes installation very easy.

expensive ipad case by supcase

7-FINTIE Smart Shell Case for iPad Air 2

Having accurate openings and cut outs, FINTIE Smart Shell Case for iPad Air 2 is the 7th best in our countdown. Due to its unique design you can use all the tablet’s features very easily and conveniently. Your tablet will automatically sleep whenever you close the lid of this case and vice versa. Despite of having magnificent style and features, you can also use this case as a keyboard and viewing stand as well by slipping the cover. This beautiful iPad case is available in the market in reduced price, so grab this opportunity quickly.

smart shell case for ipad air 2

8-KHOMO Dual Super Slim Black Cover

If you are searching for slim and skinny cover for your iPad Air 2 then check out this dual super Slim Black cover by KHOMO. The important thing about this product is its style with affordable price. It is a light weight ultra slim cover but when you talk about its durability and compatibility then no other product has its comparable. It is because its front cover is made up of polyurethane while polycarbonate rubberized is its back cover. Besides that, this fabulous case also has sleep and wake functions as well that makes it more demandable.

super slim black cover by khomo for ipad

9-New Trent Air bender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case

Those who are searching for new version of New Trent Classic Air bender Case, this one is New Trent’s upgraded version that has built in Bluetooth as well. Besides that, the hard thermostatic shell give an ultimate protection to your device as it is wrapped around the device. This beautifully designed keyboard case is compatible for iPad 2, 3 and 4. Its Bluetooth keyboard transforms iPad into a tablet functional computer. Due to its fully rotatable arm, you can set desired angle whether in portrait or landscape mode.

fabulous ipad cases and covers

10-I-Blason iPad Air 2 Case

This Armorbox Kido Series Convertible stand cover by I-Blason comes at number ten in our rating. This beautifully designed case is compatible for iPad Air 2 having various eye catching colors. The unique feature that this iPad case keeps is its edges that are made from impact resistant materials while its corners are made from double impact resistant materials, that are why they absorbs all the impacts from drops making your iPad more safe and secure. Besides that, a beautiful carry handle adds an extra beauty to this lovely case.

quality product for ipad air 2 by i-blason

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