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Top Ten Best HTC One M9 Battery Chargers in 2015

When you are on the way & travelling and suddenly your mobile shutdown due to empty battery during your important call then think how difficult situation that will be? Importantly when you have HTC One M9 then there is need to have quality charger so that you communicate with your friends, relatives, colleagues and business partners without the fear of empty battery. In this scenario you need such a charger for your phone that has multi-functional uses and the ability to charge in the office, in the car or at home. So don’t take a tension because this problem has been solved by creating the list of top ten Best HTC One M9 Battery chargers in 2015. By reading the entire article you will get all the information about the best quality chargers for HTC One M9 that are available in the market. Let’s have a look.

1-Anker USB Car Charger

Having four ports, Anker USB Car Charger is specially design to overcome the charging issues by providing multi functions in one charger. It is fabulously designed in silver & black and why it is best is the question at this moment. By using this eye catching charger you can charge your four cell phones at a time that means more quality and compatibility. Besides that, this multi-functional charger is available in the market with 1.5 years warranty that ensures the trust among its customers.

best charger for htc one m9

2-Ionic USB Wall Charger with USB Data Cable

Ionic USB Wall Charger is now the largest selling wall charger in the market due to its quality and compatibility. This quality charger is best for your HTC One M9 Smartphone that surely will not disappoint you in any case. Ionic USB Wall Charger has a USB data cable and both the items ensure quality and durability. This professionally made charger is available in cheap price in the market.

htc one m9 wall charger

3-Premium USB Car Charger & Micro USB Data Transfer Cable

If you are looking for the best quality Car Charger for HTC One M9 then Premium USB Car Charger is simply the best. Just like to its name it is premium made charger that has micro USB data transfer cable as well. This unique built charger is multi-functional as its USB car charger has two ports allowing you to charge two cell phones at a time. The USB cable which is included with the car charger is for charging your cell phone.

htc one m9 smartphone best charger

4-Ionic Auto Car Wall Travel Charger with USB Data Cable

Having complete package for HTC One M9, Ionic comes at number four in our countdown as it contains Car wall travel charger, adapter and USB cable making it quality one. These three items can be used separately in the car, at home or with your computers and laptops. This quality package gives you maximum facilities to charge HTC One M9 with any charging power sources at anywhere. Its price is not too much against its multi-functions.

htc one m9 charger by ionic

5-Anker USB Car Charger with USB Cable

This shining black quality USB Car charger having two ports is the product of Anker which is famously known best across the world. This package includes USB car Charger & USB cable where its charger gives you options of more than one charging at the same time while its USB allows you to connect easily with charger and charge HTC One M9 with that beautifully designed charger. The multi-functions of this package have made it more demanding among the customers.

htc one m9 car charger by anker

6-Soga Micro USB Home Travel AC Wall Charger

What are the unique features that makes it best? The use of IC chip technology has made this product worldwide best because it actually tracks down the battery if it 100% charged and after that it puts automatically into the saving mode. Besides that, it also prevents your Home travel Wall charger from overcharging and overheating by making it more secure and safe. Soga is providing this product with money back guarantee because after using this product if you are not satisfied then can return it within 30 days after its purchase.

micro usb charger by soga

7-Rapid Wall Charger

This product is very unique as compared to Anker because it is considered that this rapid wall charger charges your battery 40% faster as compared to other HTC One M9 chargers. Besides that, its special circuit enables to prevent the charger from overheating and overcharging. So it will be a good decision to purchase this product because it has both quality and compatibility.

rapid wall charger for htc one m9

8-Anker 10W (2A) Home and Travel USB Wall Charger Adapter

If you want fabulous and smaller charger for your HTC One M9 then Anker 10W (2A) Home and Travel USB Wall Charger Adapter will be a smart choice to purchase. It’s smaller and premium design helps you to take it at anywhere with ease, however the cable is not provide with this charger. You can use your existing cable as well. As far as its price is concerned, it is much affordable than rest of the chargers.

htc one m9 home & travel charger

9-USB Charger TechMatte Desktop USB Charger & Adapter

TechMatte is one of the best Mobile Accessories providers in the world because creating this charger is the proof of its quality & compatibility. This package is actually is combination of five port USB charger and adapter. If you want to charge many phones at the same time in the quick period then you have selected the right option for HTC One M9. You can take it in your office or at home as well. It is available in the market in affordable prices.

usb charger by techmatte company

10-OEM HTC CC C200 Micro-USB Coiled Cable & USB Car Charger

As shown in the picture, it is basically a package of Car adapter with USB cable. This OEM HTC CC C200 Micro-USB Coiled Cable & Car Charger fills your mobile phone battery quickly and you can use it by plugging it into the cigarette lighter plug. Besides that you can use its cable in computer and laptops to charge your HTC One M9 as well. This is equally good for HTC One M7, 8 & M9.

quality charger for htc one m9

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