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Top Ten Best Honeymoon Places in the World

Love and romance is a very important ingredient in the lives of Human beings because without it the life looks colorless and boring. Romance is actually means to do different things intro picture for different couples and after getting marriage it becomes important to understand each other and for this purpose honeymoon plays an important part to make the beginning of wedding most memorable. Honeymoon can be enjoyed in many forms and sizes such as a Ski Trip, a Beach vacation or a safari. It is a very difficult to choose the right destination for Honeymoon as there are lots of beautiful places in the world where selecting the better among many is surely a difficult task. But we have made this very easy and simple for you by creating a list of Top ten best Honeymoon places in the world. This list is based on the research of various travel guides.  Let’s have a look at the most beautiful honeymoon places of the world.

1-Phuket Island

The magical and stunning beauty of Thailand has always been the major tourist attractions in the world where it is one of the most Google search honeymoon destination. Having the area of 48 square kilometers Phuket Island is the largest island located in Southern part of Thailand. This place is the magical tourist and honeymoon zone where millions of visitors come there to enjoy and memorize their special moments. Why this place is honeymoon zone? It offers variety of beaches to visitors and the presence of beautiful vibrant great restaurants in this part of the world makes this place an ideal one for honeymoon. The Phuket Island is a very popular tourist place in the world due to its white and soft sandy beaches, blue clear crystal waters and importantly it keeps some of the amazing sunsets in the world. The atmosphere of this island remains hot and humid throughout the whole year. Overall it is the perfect place to celebrate honeymoon.

phuket island


Another beautiful and enchanting destination for the honeymoon is Bodrum which is located on the Aegean coast of Turkey and is a place where among the seven of wonders of the ancient world Halikarnassus city is located in it. In the past Bodrum was not an advanced place for tourism but from the last ten years it has been one of the most attractive tourist spots not only in Turkey but in the world also. In every summer more than 500,000 tourists comes there due to its beautiful enchanting small villages that are spread around the peninsula and its lovely nights makes it an amazing place to spend the time in this part of the world. Besides that the clear crystal sea around the resort is especially an amazing addition of beauty to this place.

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3-The Maldives

If you are finding spectacular and majestic place for honeymoon for love and beautiful settings then Maldives is surely a perfect choice to do all this. There are many things that a couple can do during their honeymoon visit in The Maldives like snorkeling and diving, the spectacular grounds of these islands are considered as one of the best places to do this. Besides that you can enjoy surfing, fishing, Kayaking and windsurfing as well. Staying in this beautiful and magical place you can enjoy by seeing colorful reef fish and in sunset you can enjoy sailing on the boat which is traditional fishing boat where dolphins will play with you alongside. This experience will give you forever memorable moments and will make your honeymoon an ideal one.

the maldives


At number four there comes Chile which is one of the best Honeymoon destinations in the world. Chile is a South American Country which is officially called Republic of Chile and for the people who have selected Chile as their honeymoon destination should know that the journey of Chile is somehow physical & mental. While staying in Chile you can enjoy many beautiful places like you will find stark scenes of Atacama, Coastline and beautiful Pacific Ocean. So overall it is full of beautiful natural places which will be a pleasant experience to visit this destination for enjoying your honeymoon. Among the many natural beauties some popular place to visit in Chile are Atacama Desert, Santiago, The Lake District, The Wine Valleys, Torres del Paine and Valparaiso.

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Having the beautiful white sand beaches, lush tropical vegetation, dramatic rock formations and clear crystal waters, Seychelles always has been an outstanding honeymoon place in the world. From the various beautiful places of Seychelles, Desroches Island is the best place for enjoying and spending honeymoon. By visiting Desroches Island you will definitely enjoy the experience of an enchanting beauty of this island. Desroches Island is considered as one of the healthiest climates in the world which is malaria free, that’s why millions of tourists across the world come there to grab the beauty and unforgettable memories with them. It’s no doubt about it that Seychelles is a sensuous sanctuary for love and romance. So don’t wait, this best natural wonderland awaits you.

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Located in Indonesia, Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world which is famous for its majestic and enchanting natural beauty, sun kissed beaches, ancient culture and friendly people. These all things comes together makes Bali as the best honeymoon destination of the world. The best time to visit Bali for tourism or honeymoon is from April to September because in this period weather becomes very pleasant, dry and sunny which offers beautiful heart touching views of natural beauty. As far as accommodation is concerned during your stay for honeymoon, you have lots of options as you can choose the beach resorts of Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Legion or can select other options like Lovina on the north coast. Besides that there are lots of beautiful resorts and hotels are available where you can stay and enjoy your honeymoon.

bali, best honeymoon destination

7-Fiji Island

The 7th most beautiful place in the world is Fiji Island which is famous for its natural beauty having sugar-white beaches that are really amazing to watch. This not ends here because Fiji offers you a choice of 300 more sun kissed enchanting islands which are spread across island groups. These beaches offer an eye catching beach resorts for the couples who wants adventurous honeymoon experience. Do nothing on the beach just relax and grab the moments which you have at this time. For adventurous activities you can visit the natural reserves of Fiji, besides that hiking, fishing, diving, windsurfing and many other options are available for adventure.

fiji inland

8-The Whitsundays, Queensland

The place of romantic sunset which gives enchanting feelings when the sun sets over the clear crystal waters is none other than The Whitsundays located in Queensland 1100 kilometers north of Brisbane, Australia. This magical island is the most visited destination in Australia and is one of the major tourist attractions in the world. This one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world has 74 islands where just eight of them are inhabited. Among the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is also located in these islands. The top honeymoon places in this part of the world are islands of Hamilton, Hayman, South Molle, Daydream, Long and Brampton. Besides Islands its coast also offers fun filled activities to visitors which include pristine national park and friendly coastal towns.

whitsundays, queenland

9-Amalfi Coast, Italy

If we talk about the European tourist attractions then Amalfi Coast is simply an amazing place for enjoying and grabbing the precious moments of Honeymoon. Having breathtaking coastal resorts, majestic coastline of sheer cliffs, Lemon & Olive groves, Amalfi Coast is located in Italy. Having all these beauties, it is the perfect destination for the newlywed that gives a variety of choices of hotels, dining restaurants, lively bars and much more that you want. You can visit and explore Amalfi coast very easily by foot, car or a bus and from this island you can reach Capri Island in just twenty minutes which is a perfect destination for day trip.

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10-Cabo San Lucas

The last honeymoon destination in our list is Cabo San Lucas which is located at the short drive south from the Southern California. This one of the most beautiful place is the tourist zone where lots of people across the world come there to enjoy their vacations. The major beaches of Cabo San Lucas which are very famous for honeymoon are Playa del Amor, Playa El Medano, Playa Solmar, Bahia Chileno and Bahia Santa Maria. The weather of Cabo San Lucas remains sunny and hot throughout the whole year but the best time to come for honeymoon is between February & May and November & December because in these months the weather becomes pleasantly hot rather than scorching or unpleasant.

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