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Top Ten Best Handbags Brands for Women

With the beginning of the New Year many top companies across the world have released their latest models of handbags for women especially girls. As you know that handbags have now become the fashion statement and women especially young girls love to carry handbag. The designers are very alert in this case as they have showcased their top handbags design collections which are available in the market right now. You must be very eager to know about the best handbags and we have given respect to your choice by creating the special list in which you will collect all the basic and important information about the top ten prettiest, expensive and quality handbags in 2015. Let’s have a look at the list of top ten best Handbags brands for women.


The Italian fashion brand Prada is the best and most selling handbags brand in the market due to its innovative designs and eye-catching colors. This very famous brand came into existence in 1913 by Mario Prada and since then it is providing outclass fashion accessories to its customers. Prada deals in ready to wear leather and fashion accessories that includes luggage, shoes, watches, perfumes etc. Among these ready to wear fashion accessories, it is probably most famous due to its stylish, luxurious and expensive handbags. So for fashion enthused women, Prada is simply the best.

prada handbags for women

2-Marc Jacobs

If you are searching for stylish and luxurious handbags then Marc Jacobs has introduced wide range of glamorous and stylish handbags in this year. You can judge its popularity with the figure that over 200 retail stores of Marc Jacobs are operating across the world now. Why Marc Jacobs is superior to others? Due to its beautiful designs and well stitching this brand always has been the focus of women whether young girls or old. Marc Jacobs deals in ready to wear fashion accessories like handbags, shoes, watches etc.

beautiful handbags by marc jacobs

3-Juicy Couture

At number three there comes Juicy Couture in our countdown. This one of the most selling brand in the market was established in 1997 that deals in ready to wear fashion accessories including luxurious handbags for women. Due to its high standard and classy designs, Juicy Couture is the choice of top celebrities across the world. Women really love this brand and feel proud to carry Juicy Couture’s handbags. The most important thing about this brand is its quality that allows you to carry handbags at any important occasion or for daily routine.

expensive handbags for women by juicy couture


Just like above mentioned brands, Hermes also made its position among the top ten due to its luxurious handbags with affordable price. Hermes is the French manufacturer that came into existence in 1837 and is providing quality products to its customers including perfumes, luxury goods, leather, lifestyle accessories, handbags etc. The popularity of this brand is all about excellence because as being one of oldest fashion brand, it keeps lots of experience, expertise and innovations that make it more demanding in the market. The Hermes Handbags are available in many eye catching colors and designs.

hermes handbags for women


This very popular Italian fashion brand not only famous for Handbags but also for perfumes as well. This brand was established in 1921 which deals in leather goods and luxurious fashion accessories. Currently it is operating more than 278 retail stores worldwide that shows how much demanding this brand is. Gucci has introduced wide range of luxurious and expensive handbags and got positive response from customers. Women buy handbags of this brand due to its eye catching colors and spectacular designs.

classy handbags by gucci


If you are fashion enthused and loves luxurious products then Fendi introduces quality and stylish handbags having eye catching colors and fabulous designs. Due to its high end unique designs, the prices of these handbags brands are higher as compared to other top brands. This Italian luxury fashion house deals in ready to wear fashion accessories that includes shoes, fragrances, timepieces, Handbags, eye-wear, leather goods etc. This famous brand was created in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi.

fendi leather quality handbags for women


Having over 700 outlets worldwide, Coach is the 7th best handbags brand in our list. In the past, Coach was the manufacturer of only leather accessories but now is manufacturing other ready to wear fashion accessories as well including handbags for women. It started its business from the manufacturing of small leather goods but now it is known for gifts and accessories for both men and women including watches, footwear, sun wear, jewelry, fragrances, outerwear etc.

quality women handbags by coach


106 years ago, Chanel started its business from France and now is considered one of the high fashion houses in the world. It deals in ready to wear, Jewelry, Perfumes, Haute Couture, Accessories etc. The handbags made by this brand are considered best due to its top quality and innovative designs. That’s why the handbags of this brand are loved by many celebrities across the world. Quality handbags having wide range of different variety and colors are available in the market allowing you to pick up the best one according to your own style.

prettiest handbags collection by chanel


This one of the oldest Great Britain fashion brand was established in 1856 and since then serving to its customers by providing stylish, quality and innovative products. The products in which Burberry deals are cosmetics, Clothing, Perfumes and Accessories. In this scenario if we talk about its Handbags then it has no comparable in innovation, expertise, quality and Style. Due to its outclassed designs and expensive prices many celebrities loves to carry Burberry’s handbags.

burbury handbags for women


Founded in 1914 by Cristobal Balenciaga, at number ten there comes Balenciaga in our rating. Just like every year, Balenciaga has released its latest collection of Handbags to its customers having wide range of different colors and designs. If you are looking for fancy, stylish and quality handbags then Balenciaga is certainly a best choice because in the manufacturing of their products, lots of experience and expertise have been included, that’s why Balenciaga’s products always been appreciated by its customers.

world's beautiful handbags

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