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Top Ten Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Teacher

Teacher is the most important person in our life because he/she teaches us how to live in the world, how to go forward and take challenges that we face in our lives and how to deal with the people whom we love and give preference in our lives. So nobody can deny the importance of teacher as they make us good human being. One way to express your love and feelings with your teacher is gifts and if your teacher’s birthday is around the corner then don’t waste this opportunity and give happy birthday gift to your teacher. There are lots of birthday gift ideas that you can use in presenting cute gifts to your teacher but here I have collected top birthday surprise ideas that will help you to present gifts for teachers. Teacher is the most important person in our life and it deserves to be respected in the same manner so you should try to generate creative gift ideas for teacher on his/her birthday. So without any further delay let’s have a look into the list of top ten gift ideas for teacher.

1-A Gift Basket

The most important thing to know in presenting birthday gift for teacher is his/her likes and preferences. Before creating some unique teacher gift ideas you should try to note all the things that usually happen with you in the class and school time. So in this scenario get a basket and put all the things like perfume, wallet, chocolates, flowers etc and then after packing beautifully give it to your teacher. You can also put a card in between them in which your feelings regarding to your teacher should be mentioned. Believe me this gift gives you 100% results that you want.

best birthday gift for teacher

2-Give a Plant in a Special Container

There are lots of birthday ideas but one of the most impressive one is to give a plant in a special container decorated with special colors. This is not a tough task because you can get variety of flowers and beautiful plants from your nearest garden in cheapest prices. So get a beautiful flower or flowering bulbs and put it into the well decorated container. The important thing to remember is that write some unique sentence or words that makes your teacher happy such as “thank you for helping me grow”, “you are my best teacher” etc. By doing this you will definitely get positive results regarding the appreciation from your teacher.

birthday ideas

3-Make a Video

 Actually you select different gift ideas depending on personality and here you have to present birthday gifts to your beloved teacher so the idea should be very creative. If you love visuals then make a video in which invite all your class fellows to record their views about your teacher whom you want to give gift on his/her birthday. This is not a difficult thing to do because now everyone has amazing mobile phones having quality video recording features. So take a quality mobile phone or digital camera and capture the views and feelings of all your class fellows and then after completing the task save this video and give it to your teacher on his birthday.

amazing birthday gift ideas

4-Paint your own Pottery

Creative ideas like handmade birthday gifts for teachers are more attractive and impressive than rest of the others so this idea at number four is really millions of worth. In this scenario there are lots of shops that offer printable pottery so go to one of those shops and decorate your personalized piece of pottery for your best teacher. The important thing that you have to keep in your mind is that painted words or sentence on pottery should be impressive one like “Cookies are Sweet but you are Sweeter” etc. Think what would be the impressions of your teacher when he/she will receive this sort of birthday gift.

creative birthday ideas

5-Birthday Cards for Teachers

Although card writing is now an old fashion but still it has the same importance and effectiveness as it was in the past. The birthday comes every year and you have to give love gifts and birthday gifts to those whom you love more than anybody. So repeated gifts loses their importance with the passage of time, that’s why each time the gift ideas for men, birthday gifts for girls and birthday gifts for boys should be unique and impressive one. So buy some cards and write down some poetry related to his birthday plus your feelings and respect that you have for your teacher.

birthday surprise ideas

6-Fall Tree of Friendship

The relation between you and your teacher is of father and son and friend and if you want to strengthen this relationship then fall tree of friendship is suitable in order to give him/her Birthday gift. Although it is a small light but keeps great importance because it is basically a sign of friendship and kindness that he/she has for you. If you are very close to your teacher and wants to give some unique and impressive birthday gift to your best teacher then believe me this is really exceptional.

gifts for teacher

7-Math Clock

If your best math teacher is retiring and leaving the school then it is obvious that you will miss him/her and he will too but the important thing at that moment is to give him some unique gift from you or your class fellows that will shows your love and long live relation for your beloved teacher. There are many retirement gift ideas that have come to my mind but at this moment the best idea to give him/her math clock because the idea behind this clock is the presence of math symbols that shows how much you follows him/her or his teachings.

math clock for retired teacher

8-Pen Holder with Magnet

Actually giving gifts to your beloved ones means to show your deep love, respect, care and preference and if your teacher’s birthday is around the corner then it provides you an opportunity to express your feelings and love for him that you have in your heart. Pen holder is although a simple gift but it is useful and impressive. The point is actually things have no value except your ideas behind them. So among cute teacher gift ideas pen holder with magnet is simply the best. It will ease your teacher’s tires from keeping the pens and other stationery with him/her.

pen holder with magnet

9-A Book

If your teacher has scholastic attitude then you can present some useful books to your teacher on his birthday. By giving books full of entertainment and knowledge actually reflects your personality and your deep observation about your teacher’s likes and preferences. There are lots of books available in the market but select the best one like novel books (To Sir with Love by E.R Braithwaite’s). The story of this book is about the flashy students of the school who grew up to respect their dedicated teachers.

gift for a teacher

10-A Hand-Written Card and Drawing

Handmade gifts are most creative and stylish gifts to present them on your best teacher’s birthday. Again the important thing to keep in mind while selecting gifts for men, gifts for teachers and anniversary gifts is their personality, likes and preferences. If you are looking for best birthday gifts for teachers then pick up this amazing and unique idea of hand written card and drawing. You can make some lovely drawings having some message or feelings on it about your teacher and give it to her/him with a special card on his birthday occasion. This creative birthday idea will be a best one for your teacher’s birthday.

teacher birthday gifts

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