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Top Ten Best Airports in the World

Do you know which the best airports in the world are? If not then here I will deeply explain about the top ten most beautiful and best airports of the world. Skytrax is an organization which releases its annual world airport awards every year which are based on the voting of the passengers or travelers who participates in the annual survey of Skytrax. According to the new rankings of Skytrax the Singapore Changi Airport once again comes at 1st place in the ranking. In this special article we will find the most beautiful and glamorous airports of the world that are best due to their facilities, construction and of course number of traffic which they receive every day. In the following we bring to you a list of Top ten best airports in the world. Let’s have a look.

1-Singapore Changi Airport

The 4th time best Skytrax airport award winner, Singapore Changi Airport is the most beautiful and innovative airport in Asia and the world. Located in Changi, east region (Singapore) it is the major aviation hub in the world especially in South Asia which was officially opened on 29 December 1981. Having the annual capacity of approximately 66 million passengers, this beautiful international airport consists of three passenger terminals in order to provide state of the art facilities. This world’s famous and important airport earns near about 6% of the country’s GDP and plays a vital role in the economy of Singapore. Up to 40,000 people are working in this airport which shows that how busy this airport is. You can guess its popularity and quality of services that it has won more than 470 awards since its establishment where in 2013 thirty best airport awards are also included in this figure. Changi Airport Group operates it and is the home base of Singapore airlines, Singapore airlines cargo, Scoot, Air Asia, Valuair and SilkAir.

world's best airports

2-Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport comes at number two according to the rankings of the Skytrax. This one of the largest airport in South Korea is located in Jung District Incheon (South Korea) which is operated by Incheon International Airport Corporation. Incheon International airport is one of the busiest airports in the world where it was declared as the best airport worldwide for the consecutive nine years by Airports Council International. Why it is the Best? It is best by having state of the art facilities to the passengers like a golf course has been provides in the airport, besides that private sleeping rooms, indoor gardens, ice skating rink and spa altogether makes it as best airport of the world. It is also the world’s fastest airport in case of custom processing because according to the airport authorities that it takes just 19 & 12 minutes in departure and arrival respectively.

world's busiest airport

3-Munich Airport

Having approximately 37.8 million passengers annually, Munich Airport is the 3rd best airport in the world which is spread at the area of 15.6 square kilometers. If we talk about its passenger traffic then it is the 2nd busiest airport in Germany and the 7th busiest in Europe. Similarly it is considered as the 14th busiest International airport in case of passenger traffic. This beautiful public international airport is located near Freising which is an old city that reminds the Former Prime Minister Franz Josef Strauss because it was built in his name. This one of the most beautiful airport in the world is a hub for Air Dolomiti, Lufthansa, Condor and Lufthansa CityLine. The wall & ceilings of the Airport is made up of glasses which feels open and large and adds extra beauty to the airport.

most beautiful airport

4- Hong Kong International Airport

The Hong Kong International Airport annually receives up to 53.3 million passengers that are why it is one of the best airports in the world. Due to its cleanliness & shopping, Baggage delivery and dinning, it was named as best airport in the world. By providing state of the art facilities to passengers and due to the increasing number of passengers, in March 2012 the airport authorities added a third runway. Located in Chek Lap Kok (Hong Kong) it was commercially opened in 1998 and since then are providing quality air services to the passengers. The Hong Kong International Airport is basically a gate way and hub for various destinations like Mainland China and the rest of the Asian countries. Operated by Airport Authority Hong Kong, it is operative 24 hours a day where up to 100 Airlines operates their flights from this airport to more than 180 cities across the world.

asia's best airport

5-Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Another name in our countdown is of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol which receives more than 49.8 million passengers annually. This awesome airport was actually opened for the military purposes in 1916 but with the passage of time it transformed into the public airport and now has become one of the busiest and best airports in the world. The airport provides many luxury facilities to the passengers where while waiting for departure you can enjoy the massage, can play a poker game or can enjoy by reading the books in the Airport’s library. Besides that it provides excellent options of dinning, Shopping and other luxury facilities. This beautiful and world’s famous airport is located in Southwest of Amsterdam (Netherlands).

best airport in the world

6-Tokyo International Airport

The 6th Skytrax best award winner airport is the Tokyo International Airport which is located at 14 kilometers away South of Tokyo Station (Japan). This one of the busiest airport in the world receives more than 62.6 million passengers annually where in 2013 it was the 2nd busiest airport in Asia. Besides that it was declared as the most punctual airport in the world by Forbes Traveller.com for the consecutive two years because its 94.3% of the flights departs on time and the arrival percentage is 88.6% as estimated in 2009 by the Forbes. The Ministry of land, Transport and infrastructure stated to expand the airport by constructing the new terminal which is now ready for operations. With the opening of 3rd terminal in 2010, the airport now accommodate near about 90 million passengers annually.

tokyo international airport

7-Beijing Capital International Airport

Having the accommodation of more than 78.7 million passengers, Beijing Capital International Airport is the 7th best airport in the world and is considered as the busiest airport in Asia. This 2nd busiest airport in the world is located 32 kilometers of Northeast of Beijing city center and is the main passenger hub for Air China, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines. The Beijing airport was opened in 1958 with one small terminal building and after that with the passage of time expansions were made and now it is the world’s best.

beijing capital international airport

8-Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is the largest International airport in Switzerland having the annual passenger’s traffic of near about 24.8 million. This most beautiful and one of the world’s busiest airport is located 13 kilometers north of Zurich city and it serves a hub for Air Berlin, Edelweiss Air, Germania, Belair, Swiss International Airlines, Swiss Global Airlines and Helvetic Airways. Having beautiful structure and beauty, it is also ranked as the best airport by Skytrax in case of immigration, dinning and security processing. Besides that Zurich Airport provides all the state of the art facilities and also offers a portal service to passengers in which by paying the fees you can get the bag picked up service from anywhere in the airport to the final destination.

zurich airport

9-Vancouver International Airport

Having the best airport award winner in North America for the four consecutive years, Vancouver International Airport comes at 9th place in our countdown and is located in Richmond (British Columbia, Canada). This one of the busiest airport in the world receives 18 million passengers annually and provides passenger hub for Air Canada and Pacific Coastal Airlines.  Vancouver International airport operates its flights 24 hours a day to Asia, United States, Europe, and Mexico and within Canada. Having all the luxury facilities, the airport authorities has hired the volunteers who are called green coat ambassadors which helps the passengers where they wants to go.

vancouver international airport

10-London’s Heathrow Airport

The last name in our list of Top ten best airports in the world is London’s Heathrow Airport where 69.4 million passengers come there annually for travelling. This overcrowded airport was considered as the 3rd busiest airport in the world in 2011 by Skytrax.  This busiest airport in United Kingdom and Europe is a hub for British Airways which is operated by Heathrow Airport Limited. It is located in the West of central London (United Kingdom). From The London’s Heathrow Airport more than 90 airlines operates their flights to 170 destinations across the world. Heathrow Airport consists of six terminals where five are passenger terminals and one is for cargo.

london's heathrow airport

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