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Top Ten Amazing Health Benefits of Making Love

Love is an important part of life because where it results in everlasting and healthy relationships, at the same time it keeps you healthy as well. Recently the medical research has proved that making love and sex both are useful for the human health. Surely love is an amazing stress buster which makes your lives happiest and releases you from the shackles of stress and busy life. Love provides you pleasure but while you make love on regular basis then it also increases your immunity as well. Love is that exercise which causes benefits regarding pleasure, happiness and health both to you and your partner. So make love and remain happy and healthier forever. After collecting data from various research studies we have created a list that will tell you the entire story regarding making love. Let’s have a look at the special created list of top ten amazing health benefits of making love.

1-It helps you to Sleep Better

Better night sleep is very important for your health and the entire day because after complete sleeping you become active that means you are able to work in daily routine more efficiently. The research proved that while you sleep after making love you feel much relaxed and happy. It is because during making love the special chemicals oxytocin releases which are actually a brain’s stress relieving chemicals that help to increase endorphins resulting to decrease pain immediately. Furthermore feeling love decreases your tensions and stresses that helps in deep sleeping. Making love effects on your muscle contractions & movement resulting in depletion the body of energy.

making love gives you better sleep

2-It keeps you Young

By making love and active romance you can make your life happier and healthier. The latest research suggests that when someone makes love and romance then endorphins releases at that time that boost the skin production of vital vitamin D. The vitamin D is a very important vitamin that makes you young & good looking and surely everybody wants to look gorgeous and young. So make your life full of love and romance and eradicate all worries and tensions from your lives.

love keeps you young

3-It Burns Calories

Another advantage and benefit of making love is that it helps to burn all the stubborn calories from your body. As being an amazing exercise, it is as good for your health as pumping some iron in the gym.  Making regular love facilitates the movement of muscles like legs, arms, thighs lower abdomen and shoulders in order to equalize the total body for working. The studies suggest that the average session burnout is about 150 calories during this love exercise which is equal to an easy yoga walk or session. It is very interesting that you can lose weight by making love on regular basis because when stubborn calories burns then automatically you will lose your extra weight as well.

kissing burns calories

4-It Helps Women more Beautiful

The research has proved that while making love women becomes more beautiful as before. It is because while making love women’s body reduces estrogen hormones in rich amount. These estrogen hormones results to make the skin smoother leaving it beautiful and glowing. Similarly in that way hair also becomes healthier and shiny leaving fresh feelings. Besides that while making sex the sweat released which cleanse the pores making your skin beautiful and glowing. Healthy sexual relationships increase pheromone in the body which makes women most beautiful and fabulous.

making love women becomes more beautiful

5-It Boost your immune System

It is obvious that healthy relationships are very important for long lasting and happier lives and this all will be possible if you make love and romance as an exercise. The research suggests that making love once or twice in a week results a higher level of antibody which is called immunoglobulin. The immunoglobulin protected you up to 30% from colds & many other infections.

love boost your immune system

6-It Helps to Improve Fertility

The medical research proved that the better and quality sex or love makes the pregnancy much easier. It is because the frequent sex actually regulates menstrual cycle resulting easier conception. In this whole scenario orgasm is the major factor which linked to fertilization and this all will happen when you make love and romance. In order to achieve the best results you should do it with full enjoyment by making it quality sex.

making love pregnancy becomes easy

7-It promotes Overall Well-being

After lots of researches and studies, it is clear that the happy married couple enjoys better life as they less develop health problems as compared to others. They become safe from cancer and heart failure to greater extent. Make love and romance on a regular basis while sex will do the rest because the oxytocin hormones releases during making love and when you hug each other and contact with the partner. Love and romance provides the platform of positive and strong relationships which leads to perfect health and makes you well-being as well.

love makes you overall well-being

8-It helps to get Relieves from Stress

There are lots of health benefits of making love but the major one is the release of stress from your mind & body which makes you more relaxed and feels you happier. By making love your blood pressure remains normal as well. In the research of journal biological psychology the Scotland researchers stated in their findings that making love & romance results in the release of stress to greater extent. For this purpose they studies 22 men & 24 those women who kept their records of sexual activities on the regular basis.

making love you can reduce stress

9-It Helps to Reduce Pain

Making love powered by heat session is actually the best natural pain killer because by doing this the vaginal simulations results to increase pain but it has the power to reduce pain during periods & migraine. When someone does love and romance then the oxytocin hormones surges that results to increase the endorphins and in this way the pain reduces. Those people, who are suffering in chrome pain, don’t take pain killers, because sex is the best way to do. The full session of making love is the best pain & stress killer because it restricts blood vessels in the brain that reduces tension.

love reduces pain

10-It Helps to Fight Diseases

Among the major characteristics of making love one important is that it also prevents both men and women from many fatal diseases like cancer and heart diseases. It also helps to minimize or even eradicate common cold as well. A good session of making love with your partner is like a tonic for you that makes you young, energetic, tension free and relaxed. So try to make your life full of happiness, make love and romance for better and happier living.

by making love you can protect yourself from fatal diseases

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