Sohail Khan two sixes in one over

Abdul Razzaq 15 Balls 44 Runs Against New Zealand. In a TV interview, Abdul Razzaq clearly mentioned why he was removed from the team and why he preferred to take retirement than waiting to make come back.

When asked about the relationship of PCB officials with players, Razzaq removed curtains from some unsaid truths. Razzaq mentioned the distance that lies among players and PCB officials. Pakistan Cricket Board have unending distance from the players.

Board officials does not know who to keep in the team, who to sack, what is going to be discussed in the meeting and what decisions should be taken, said Abdul Razzaq, when anchor asked about the real reason behind Pakistan’s shameful defeat in World Cup.

Razzaq also mentioned that the board officials need to be more professional as the team belongs to Pakistan, not to Pakistan Cricket Board. Board officials are employees and they have no influence over selection of cricket team.

When asked about match fixing, Abdul Razzaq straight forwardly reject any chances of it in all ICC tournaments.

“There are no chances of fixing in all ICC handled tournaments as ICC has worked really well to cop with this issue. International Cricket Council is still working hard to remove all chances of fixing from this game at all levels,” said Razzaq.

We should be positive about cricket as this is not going to end soon. The game is called Gentleman’s game only for a reason. Fixing is an issue that will put that game into the hands of non-serious elements.

ICC has a team of officials who keep a close eye on all matches and make it possible no player is involved in match fixing scandals. After Muhammad Amir, Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif, no player has been found guilty in any match fixing.

However, a few club level players have been found fixing their games individually.

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