Shahid Afridi Unbelievable Hitting In Big Bash League

Now Kumar was set and ready to go big time. He was facing Imran Khalid in the 12th over. He hit violently as the Umpires were in danger of getting hit by the tremendous stroke by Sangakkara. The ball went raced away towards over the boundary.

Now it was his turn to please the crowd with a six. The first ball of 13th over was hit by Sangakkara for a huge six. This time the best bowler Muhammad Sami was the victim. He played the ball brilliantly by dropping on one knee and smashing the ball in the air over the boundary for a six.

The first ball of 14th over was hit by a four by Sangakkara. The victim bowler was Smith this time. The fourth ball was a short ball as well , it was not spared by the fiery Sangakkara. He smashed that one out for a four as well.

The last ball was the worst one. Kumar got down the track , the ball was short, He played it with authority and power. The result was another six. That was a huge over for Quetta.

Kumar raisded his bat for a glorious fifty on a beautiful hit. The 2nd ball of 15th over was played beautifully by Sangakkara. He connected the ball in a style. He played it straight and got 2 runs easily. He moved to 55.

The third ball from Russell took his wicket. This time the fielder Khalid makes no mistake. He wanted to smash the ball towards the long on boundary, but he could not drag it well from the off side and the shot was mistimed. He got caught out at 55. Sangakkara played a class innings in the final of PSL which will be remembered for a long time.


He did his job for his captain Sarfraz who could not make a historic score on this important day. Ahmed Shahzad also supported Sangakkara with a brave innings.

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