Shahid Afridi Six Breaks Traffic Light

Shahid Afridi Huge Six Breaks Traffic Light

The young Shahid Afridi was more devastating and punishing around 2 decades ago. He was the ultimate supreme danger man for all sides in the international cricket. He was the most feared one day batsman in Australia and New Zealand also.

The ability to hit so long and high sixes was a natural and God given to Afridi. You can see the way he played that ball was really out of the ordinary. The bowler was fast and charging into him from over the wicket.

The danger man Afridi was looking in dangerous mood. He had no intentions of playing this tall huge pace bowler with respect and defensive attitude. His clear thought was to smash him for a big hit straight away, and he succeeded very well.

Afridi saw the ball like a hawk, he saw it early, the bounce was a bit short and the ball was in the middle of his bat. He did a great effort to use his feet  and got into a perfect position to play this shot high in the air. Only Afridi was known to deliver something like this. There was a good contact between bat and ball, the boom boom Afridi had hit another super six.

Shahid Afridi SIX Break Traffic Light on Road… door ptvcricketofficial

Only this time, there was something special about this six, this one went so far away and high that it was out of the ground. The ball landed on the road. Soon after the ball hit the traffic lights on the road, it was discovered that they were broken and fallen down on the ground with this powerful striking of the ball.

Afridi was a real destructive force and always will remain the No.1 six-hitter n the world. This traffic light breaking was not the only incident that happened with Afridi’s bat. He has done many adventures like these to thrill the world fans over the years. He is still not out of this game, who knows he may again surprise the world with his unpredictable batting, This will remain a question how Shahid will decide his career afterwards. But what he has done over the years was already not ordinary.

Thanks to Shahid and his 2 decade long extra ordinary batting, the game of cricket has changed tremendously. Now every young player want to smash the ball like Shahid Afridi. But the truth is, there was only one Afridi. He will always be an example for the young players.

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