Shahid Afridi Biggest Six In Cricket History

When it comes to big sixes and huge hitting, there is no one in the world who can beat Shahid Afridi, the boom boom  star of big hitting. Shahid Khan Afridi known as Lala was only 16 years of age, very young when he started making world records with his tremendous batting.

He was originally included in the Pakistani team in 1996 as a right arm leg spin bowler in the ODI series to test his abilities and to fill the gap for the injured players. That was the moment of amazement for the cricket fans in the world when the young Afridi had made the world record of fastest century in the world and since then, he went on the make many world records.

Shahid Afridi needs no introduction in the list of top six hitters. He is and will remain at the No.1 position in the most number of sixes hit by any batsman in the One Day Internationals. he has hit more sixes than any other player like Tendulkar, Lara and Inzmam.

Shahid Afridi was able to do a lot of damage to the ball and the bowler with his big hitting. He has broken some bats with  his tremendous arms. The bat can only take enough beating when it is in Afridi’s hands, the way he smashes the ball is totally destructive. In this amazing video, the ball was thrown powerfully out of the ground that i had actually hit the traffic light outside the stadium and resulted in damaging the light.

If there was no Shahid Afridi in the world cricket, there would be no T20 cricket. Being the T20 captain of Pakistani side, he was again outstanding among the likes of Gayle, McCullum and Guptil. The game of cricket was made thrilling by this alone individual so many times.

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