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Waqar Younis Destroyed New Zealand in last over 4th ODI 1994

There was happiness in the New Zealand crowd at the moment. They could sense victory now. 4 balls were remaining in the over. It should have been an easy task for the two batsmen. One run was needed on 4 balls and only the one last wicket was remaining for Newzealand.The Pakistani captain Saleem Malik shook his head in denial, […]

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Inzmam Ul Haq Press Conference 2 May 2016

Pakistan And New Zealand are up against each other for the 2nd ODI match. The series is open for a cutting edge competition. New Zealand has already won the first One Day match with a huge margin to get 1 up in the series. The second ODI could may be a disaster for Pakistan or could lead to a good […]

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Shahid Afridi wicket in the National T20 Cup 2016

There has been different situations in cricket where batsmen could not make their mind and end up in run out. Many of the players start running without even looking at their partner’s consent but this time it is something different both had consent to complete a run but they were not even able to convey their message correctly. This happened […]

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Biggest ever cricket fight in Cricket history till now

You might have seen many players juggling with each other during cricket matches. It is a normal thing to have high temperature while the game is on and tense situation is on its way. Players sometimes abuse each other and try to hit but avoid keeping in mind the ICC code of conducts. However, we have seen certain fights that […]

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Nottinghamshire vs Northamptonshire: 870 Runs Match Highlights

Nottinghamshire vs Northamptonshire: 870 Runs Match Highlights Pakistan Cricket Board has officially announced the inclusion of Muhammad Amir in Pakistan Cricket team squad for up coming New Zealand Series starting this month. Muhammad Amir has been added into team after 5 years of ban, that was imposed on him after he was found guilty in spot fixing candle against a […]

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Top 10 Moments In Cricket History

This is something unique. You don’t see such moments usually in cricket but this time the 2015 has brought something that we had never seen before. Moments from domestic cricket to different leagues and then in International cricket. All of them have been considered the top 10 moments in International cricket in 2015 so far. As the 2015 has ended […]

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