Azhar Ali Got Out In Childish Way – Mark Wood

Azhar Ali Got Out In Childish Way – Mark Wood. Azhar Ali Got Out In Childish Way – Mark Wood. Azhar Ali Got Out In Childish Way – Mark Wood.

The captain Afridi tried to cool the burning hot Wahab down, Wahab would have made the drama longer if the players had not intervened. Ramiz Raja describes the whole situation in the beautiful and detailed manner in the video.

The Ramiz said that this aggressiveness is not permitted in the laws of cricket. ICC will definitely take action about this. He says that was over exaggeration by Wahab Riaz, his temper was totally inappropriate for the fellow player who belongs to his own country.

Ramiz said a beautiful thing that game is cricket is different from football or hockey. The players are not allowed any physical contact, only the bat and ball should be physically contacted. Raiz said ICC can take any action like fine or any punishment against the players.

The players were fighting like wrestling match. It was discovered that the real reason behind this problem was the inner rage for both the players for themselves. The Pakistan team has excluded Ahmed Shahzad from the T20 world cup.  Wahab Riaz is an integral part of World Cup and PSL.

The comments of Afridi for Wahab Riaz that he can win the world cup for Pakistan might have mad Shahzad mad too. He showed his bat to Wahab Riaz as if he wanted to hit him with the bat. Wahab in return got fired up again and also got madly pushed him.

This puts Pakistan image and PSL in a very negative place in the eyes of the world. The one thing is evident from the behavior of both players.

Wahab and Shahzad have differences, even though one is out of the team, both the players are not really in a mood to accept each other. This is really ridiculous. Both players might pay the price for their behavior, they will also have to learn to bear in mind that this kind of attitude will not be possible again to reflect the image of Pakistan negatively across the whole world.

PSL is a big success of Paksitan cricket, it should be played in an enjoyable manner. The crowd is enjoying every moment of it. And so should the players.



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