Asif Mujtaba Famous Last Ball Six Vs Australia 1992-93

This fourth match was the most memorable match of the Benson and Hedges series in Australia back then, when Asif Mujtaba destroyed Australian bowling and won the match with a six on the last ball to tie the match. The match was surely won by Australia.

Aaqib Javed was the legendary player with Asif Mujtaba left in the end when the last over was being bowled¬† by Steve Waugh, the elder brother of Mark Waugh. The equation was pretty tough, there were 17 runs needed by Pakistan in the last over. Mushtaq Ahmed was gone already on the first ball. Now the fast bowler Aaqib javed arrived at the crease. The great Asif Mujtaba was on the nonstriker’s end.

The batsmen crossed when Asif Mujtaba smashed the next ball for a super boundary on the off side. Aaqib Javed was also able to hit a good boundary into the sight screen, when only 2 balls remaining and the 8 runs required by Pakistan to win the match. The tension was very high and odds were against Pakistan. Steve Waugh was ready to ball the last 2 deliveries.

A single run was taken on the second last ball by the Aaqib Javed. But the great thing was Asif Mujtaba was on the striker’s end again to face the last ball of the match. The Pakistani fans were hoping for a no ball or a miracle, it was so hard to get 7 runs on the last ball.

6 runs were need to tie the match. Pakistan ended up with 228 for 9 down. Asif Mujtaba smashed the short delivery over the on side boundary for a huge six into the crowd. Bang ! Pakistan tied the match and disappointed Australia.

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