Ahmed Shehzad another 50 in BPL

It was a shock for the fans of cricket and PSL, especially Peshawar Zalmi when the Sammy and his guys from Afridi squad could not make it to the finals.

Sammy and Afridi were very determined, they did an incredible job to amaze the world with their early and later performances, but they were knocked out just before the grand final.

Peshawar Zalmi team was filled ith the guys from the KPK province. The guys has been very friendly and their team was so united during the whole tournament. That is the reason the friendly champ Sammy was able to get familiarized with some Pashto language.

He had a perfect chance to show his Pashto skills now, during the final match in Dubai on 23rd, Sammy was able to give an interview to the broadcaster. The atmosphere was electric and mind blowing last night. The match went very thrilling. Sammy did not mind speaking some Pashto words to show the world that he is so impressed with the Pakistani culture and languages.

He said also during the interview that he want to thank PCB for such an incredible event and he enjoyed it much, he would love to come here again next year because Pakistani fans are awesome.

Ahmaed Shahzzaada by ptvcricketofficial
The broadcaster knew he was found speaking Pashto during his stay with the Zalmi team, therefore she deliberately asked him to show some Pashto skills and amaze the viewers. The credit goes to the Boom Boom Afridi and his team.



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