15 Runs Off 6 Balls, Sohail Tanvir vs Abdul Razzaq

Razzaq is really a gifted all rounder with a match winning ability in the final overs. That is why, he is so dangerous in the final few overs and always wins matches for his team. He got 15 runs in one over against the fast and fiery bowling of Sohail Tanvir, who is also an international bowler for Pakistan.Sohail Tanvir Vs Abdul Razzaq encounter is extremely enjoyable.
He smashed the first ball of Sohail Tanvir through the off side boundary. The stroke was so powerful that the minute ball hit the bat, it went through the ropes. He had to take a single on the next ball which he wanted to hit for a six but could not make enough contact with the bat to throw it over the ropes. He went off strike by taking a single. He was lucky enough to be back on strike on for playing the last three balls.
The equation was now 9 runs in 3 balls, it was anybody’s game at that moment, Sohail was looking to ball a dot ball as he was advised by his captain. Razzaq was the established batsman at the crease and he made the right decision not to go for the second run, he kept the strike and fate of his team into his solid hands. You can see in our video in Sohail Tanvir Vs Abdul Razzaq encounter shows great powers of Razzaq as all rounder.
Very calm and cool Razzaq took a deep look at the fielding positions, then he pulled away the next ball towards the boundary for 2 more runs with a huge hit. Unluckily the fielder in the deep was able to cut off the ball and it was not a boundary. There were still 2 more deliveries left and the great Razzaq was still in charge at the moment. 8 runs of 2 balls

There were still 2 more deliveries left and the great Razzaq was still in charge at the moment. 8 runs of 2 balls was not going to be easy in this tremendous pressure. The crowd was roaring. Third man and the fine leg were up.

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He could only get 2 more runs on the 5th ball which made the equation incredibly tough now. Razzaq had only one ball left to face and 6 runs to get. He was really planning to become a hero now to tie the match by hitting a six on the last ball.

But he could not get a boundary on the last ball as the ball was cut off near the long on boundary, Jayasuriya and his team managed to win the match with just 3 runs. But this was a gallant effort by the true champion Razzaq who was able to get his team so close to a tie. Get ready for lovely Sohail Tanvir Vs Abdul Razzaq clash.

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