15 Biggest Sixes In Cricket History

A cricket boundary is the edge of the field which is represented by a rope or an advertising line. The ball goes beyond the boundary for four and sixes runs. When the ball goes straight above the boundary. it is a sixer.A boundary is also called a fence. Today we will present you the biggest top 15 sixes in the  history of the game of cricket.

The great players of Austraia, Pakistan, India, South Africa

and Sirilanka have been very impressive over the last few decades. Players like Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbas, Imzimam Ul Haq and Imran Khan were unmatched players, responsible for the greatest victories in the history of cricket.

The red balls were used before in the 70s and 80s. The white ball was introduced in the game of cricket for the ODI games. The game of cricket was changed after that. The crowd became more thrill loving and wanted more and more entertainment out of the game.

15 Biggest and Longest Sixes in Cricket History… by ptvcricketofficial

The first sixer will amaze you right in your seat, the ball was struck so powerfully that there was no chance of it stying inside the stadium. Luckily the ball did not went to the road because there was another Tennis court next to the cricket ground. The ball went into that court from where it was thrown back into the game of cricket again. No body knows how long that ball remained well for the play.


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